Thursday, March 26, 2009

Poem: (untitled)

There we stand
On the threshold
Eye to eye
Death stands between us
And I reach for you
Not knowing
Is it night or day?
Is it black or white?
Only you matter now
I reach for you
The night is ending
Or, is it beginning?
My mind knows no logic now
I reach for you
Between the soft, quivering pillars of might
The red and the white
And you, becoming
The air is full of you
A soft, swaying motion
Electricity and light
I dance the sacred dance
In search of you
The pushing and the pulling
The new day's sun in sight
I reach for you
The air is filling you
The room is filled with light
A beginning and an ending
When two were one
A single cord connecting
Two heavenly bodies of light
The dancer and the dance
The song and the sight
The light, now dividing
When one was two
A single love connecting
Two earthly bodies of might

by Andrea E. Feeser

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nettesbt said...

I love your poetry, as always. You should publish an anthology!