Saturday, May 31, 2008

380-Million-Year-Old Fossil of a Fish that Gives Birth to Live Young

A 380-million-year-old fish fossil (Materpiscis attenboroughi) was discovered in Australia. It is unique because it was complete with an embryo and intact umbilical cord. This kind of fish gave birth to live young as opposed to fish that release eggs that are then fertilized outside of the body.

Artist's impression from AAP article.

Entertainment Gleanings

Yes, I have scoured the corners of the entertainment world to find the latest entertainment news.

MTV Movie Awards - Yes, this Sunday night at 8PM ET is the live broadcast of the MTV Movie Awards. Forget the Oscars, so lame and outdated. The MTV Movie Awards rule. They're fun, they're entertaining, they have the most original categories (best kiss, best villain, best fight). Hosted by Mike Myers.

Weezer - Their new self-titled album is due out this week. June 3, 2008

Square Pegs on DVD - I loved this show when it was on TV. Available now on DVD. Jamie Gertz and Sarah Jessica Parker.

Dispatches from the Island - Check out Jorge Garcia's blog (Hurley from Lost).

Lost Dream

All right. I had a weird Lost dream, but I can't stop thinking about it and wondering if it would fit in at all. I dreamt that when Ben moved the island, everyone on the island split into two-they became two people. Two John Lockes, etc.

Saturday, May 10, 2008