Sunday, May 31, 2009

Poem: Bind Rune

Runes I rist, and rhyme the tree
Climbing upward toward the stars
Chant and song of galdr strong
Guide me down the pathway

Let the runes fall as they may
Tine against tine, binding lore
New are the magics I will find
Older still than the icy sea

Fire in my blood be still
Mold by me to reddened rune
Opening me, page by page
Torn by self upon the tree

by Andrea E. Feeser

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Poem: The Center

Seek the Center.
Seek from the Center.
Seek the Center within.
Divine is not only to be found without, but within.
Too much energy is spent, it seems,
In trying to find Divinity.
It is not lost,
It has been here all the time.

When I am quiet,
I find I know the secret.
In the stillness of the Center,
I am one with all.

Let me unfetter my spirit,
Unshackle it from the bonds of label and dogma.
Let me experience,
With all that I am,
The wholeness and diversity of the universe.

No need have I for outer ritual
Or lengthy recitations.
My mind encompasses the ends
Once brought about only by those means.
I have no need for symbol or word.
All I need do is "be",
Exist where I am.
Nothing more is required.

by Andrea E. Feeser