Saturday, July 23, 2011

Goals Update

Last year, I posted a list of goals I wanted to accomplish by July 1st, 2011. It is near the end of July, so I figured I should post the results:

  1. pay off a credit account and close it - done
  2. get the siding fixed - attempted
  3. go camping with my family
  4. get emergency fund back up to 1000
  5. finish 3 crochet projects - finished 2 crochet projects
  6. read 6 books - read 3 books
  7. have a poem published in a magazine
  8. hike at least 5 miles of the Appalachian trail
  1. We paid off the van.
  2. I talked to someone about price and they said they would do it (twice). But they never showed up. 
  3. I kind of gave up on this one. Since my health issues have gotten worse, I haven't wanted to deal with trying to sleep in a tent (which was my original goal). I am considering cabin camping for the fall. We'll see.
  4. While I haven't put any additional money into our designated "emergency fund" in the past year, Bob and I each have been adding to our individual savings accounts. Of course, we plan to use a lot of that on our vacation next month.
  5. I made a hat for my son, Devin, and a shrug for me. I don't think I like the shrug. I have only had questionable comments about it when I wore it.
  6. I only read 3 books in the past year. I have to get better at this. I used to read at least 10 to 12 books a year. Lately, I have only been reading at bedtime, and it is hard to get through a book when you are falling asleep.
  7. I haven't really attempted to do this. However, I have published an article at
  8. Same as #3, above. My condition has really flared-up in the past year. But this goal is not completely out of the question for the future. I figure I can manage small hikes when I am having good days. However, the risk of falling on uneven terrain (and damaging joints) may give me pause.

Now, I guess I should consider goals for the next 12 months. I'll have to think about those and post them later.