Friday, February 22, 2008

Music I Like: Until You Dare by The Hooters

Yes, the Hooters have a new album out. The title of the album is Times Stand Still.

I absolutely love 2 of the songs (I haven't listened to all of the songs yet). They are Until You Dare and I'm Alive. You can listen to samples of the songs on Or you can visit their MySpace page.

Until You Dare just says everything I feel right now. How I feel about life, now that I am in my late 30's.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Notable Movies of 2007

(Note: This list is subjective and is chosen only from the movies I have seen.)

Best Movie: The Bourne Ultimatum

Best Family Movie: The Golden Compass

Best Comedy: Superbad
Summer Blockbuster: Transformers
Best Special Effects: I am Legend
Best Cinematography:
Most over-hyped: Shrek the Third
Disappointing sequal: Shrek the Third
Pointless Remake: The Heartbreak Kid
Just for Fun: Ghost Rider
Most Innovative: Beowulf
Better than expected: Live Free or Die Hard
Best Car Chase: Live Free or Die Hard
Best Actor:
Best Actress:
Best Animated Film: The Simpsons Movie

What I'm Reading: Benjamin Franklin Vol. 1 by Carl Van Doren

Benjamin Franklin, Vol. 1 by Carl Van Doren

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Philadelphia Auto Show 2008

Two of my sons, my husband and I all went to the Philadelphia Auto Show yesterday. We had a great time. We got to sit in, touch, and look under the hood of dozens of cars and trucks (maybe hundreds, but we were only there for four hours!). Some cars, like the exotic sports cars pictured, were behind barriers.

I got to sit in some cool trucks. My husband sat in a Jaguar-his favorite. There was also a section with customized cars. They were cool to look at, but definitely not something I woulds spend money on. I'm more interested in the mechanics of the vehicle. My 16-year-old participated in a driving simulation for teens to see how well they drive. He has not taken any lessons yet, so I guess I should not be worried that he went through a red light and took out a light pole!

We also were able to compare the various hybrid vehicles that are being offered by the different manufacturers. My husband found the Toyota hybrid to be the most effecient at 40 miles per gallon. He is interested in getting a hybrid for his next vehicle. I am planning to get an all-wheel-drive vehicle next. I would love to get a big truck, but the gas mileage is way too low.

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