Monday, August 06, 2012


I'm trying to streamline my writing process-or, at least, get it going on a regular schedule. I just cleaned-off the desk in my bedroom and set it up with the tools I need for writing. Of course, I have pens, pencils, reference books, a desk lamp and space for my computer. But I also have a few things that inspire me: three antique books, my Baby Ben clock, and some hand-made items from my kids.

I picked-up a book called Starting Your Career as a Freelance Writer by Moira Allen. Of course, I have been doing some freelance writing for a while, but nothing that could be considered close to living wages. When I paged through the book, I saw many things I already new about (such as writing query letters, basics of writing articles, etc.). However, I also saw a few subjects I could use some improvement on (finding timely subject matter, exploring the market), as well as others that I had previously not considered (for example: strategies for marketing articles).

I am hoping that, by blogging about this process, I will encourage myself to continue and not give up. Perhaps, it will encourage others as well.

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