Sunday, July 18, 2010

Goals: 8 Goals Between Now and July 1, 2011

On the 5th, I wrote that I have been working on my goal list for the next year. Here is that list. I have only eight things on the list, but I hope to accomplish all of them.

I will update my progress on this blog and use the tag: goals. I hope this inspires others to create their own list.


  • pay off a credit account and close it
  • get the siding fixed
  • go camping with my family
  • get emergency fund back up to 1000
  • finish 3 crochet projects
  • read 6 books
  • have a poem published in a magazine
  • hike at least 5 miles of the Appalachian trail

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Maurice Reeves said...

You should come down this way to visit when you hike the Appalachian Trail. Make a day of it, go to Laurel Lake, visit the Appalachian Trail Museum in Boiling Springs, and have lunch with us.