Sunday, September 14, 2008

Notes on Sarah Palin - Charlie Gibson Interview

My rough notes from the Palin/Gibson interview:

-put govt on side of people-halt the growth of government
-in Wasilla-cut property tax-increased sale tax-cut small business inventory taxes-started with a balanced budget and ended with a deficit for sports arena
-Alaska:-temporarily eliminated state fuel tax

what would you change in Bush economic plan?
-change oversight of quasi-government agencies (such as fannie mae and freddie mac)
-reduce taxes, reform spending, change oversight
-vet programs should not be touched
-describes self as washington outsider with no allegiances to power brokers.
-paid 30,000 for a lobbyist to washington
-roe v. wade should be overturned on the state level-abortion only in the case of the woman's life endangered (McCain for abortion permitted in case of incest and rape)
-against embryonic stem cell research (McCain for)
-avoided question about whether being gay is learned or genetic
-against more gun control
-says she is experienced enough and has enough ability to be vice president and possibly president
-avoided national security and foreign policy question, saying being more energy independent would be great for national security
-played basketball in high school

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