Saturday, December 31, 2005

I Vote for Shirley Temple!

The E! channel aired a show today entitled The 50 Cutest Child Stars. I watched this television show today and was surprised that Shirley Temple did not make the list. She has got to be the cutest child star of all time! Who is doing the research on E!? They really dropped the ball! Don't worry Shirley, we haven't forgotten you!!!!!

Here are some facts about Shirley Temple, as listed at the Shirley Temple Fans Website:

-The most photographed child ever.
-Starred in more than forty major motion pictures and fifty major
-She received an Oscar Award in 1935.
-Shirley Temple had two drinks named after her
-Shirley Temple Cocktail and Dirty Shirley.
-The color "Temple Blue" was designed for her wedding.
-Became a U.S. Delegate to the United Nations.
-She was the first woman in history to serve as chief protocol.
-She was ambassador to Ghana.- 1974
-She was ambassador to Czechoslovakia.- 1989
-There were Shirley Temple dolls made after her.
-Shirley Temple wrote an award winning autobiography, "Child Star".
-Survived breast-cancer.

Link: Welcome to E! Online

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